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This video is a message to all of those who are graduating and entering into the next season of life. We love you, we are proud of you, and we believe in you.

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God Is On The Move (Pentecost)


This powerful video is a beautiful summary of Pentecost, including Jesus' words and instructions to his disciples leading up to the day. A moving narrative of the Holy Spirit being poured out on His people, let this video remind your congregation of God's faithfulness to do what he says and of the power of the same Holy Spirit we have been given as helper to walk through this life on into eternity!

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Step Forward (Graduation)


This inspiring video encourages graduates to step forward as a child of God, saved by grace, remembering that they are never alone. It's been a long road to graduation and what lies ahead is unknown, but the future is not uncertain... God is with you as you step forward in the confidence and peace only He can give.

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The Road to the Cross (Holy Week)


On the road to the cross, Jesus' final week of his earthly ministry, He borrowed a donkey, wept for those that would not receive him, gave the disciples a final command to love each other, and washed the feet of his enemies. The road to the cross for Jesus was the road to death, but for us, it was the road... to life.

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We Seek You (Lent)


This meaningful video is a corporate prayer seeking God in the morning and the evening, in brokenness and weakness, in confession and repentance. In this humble prayer, we ask God to examine our motives, purify our intentions, forgive us our sins. Let us seek God, our strength and our portion forever!

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This meaningful video walks through the power of fasting as a means of grace from God. When trials weigh us down, fasting reminds us to pray. When tragedy interrupts our lives, fasting invites us to bring our grief to God. And when temptation threatens us, fasting strengthens us to live for righteousness because His strength is made perfect in our weakness!

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Black History Month


This meaningful video reminds us that Black History Month is a time to remember what was and to dream about what could be, a time to learn about our differences and respect what unites us. Let's pray for equity, progress, justice as we celebrate the beauty of diversity!

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Name Above All Names


This powerful video recites and explains some of the names of Jesus, the name above all names. Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace, Man of Sorrows, Lamb of God, Lion of Judah. He is worthy of our worship and worthy of his name.

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Psalm 23


This Sunday film is a powerful reading of a famous passage of Scripture: Psalm 23. It is a beautiful reminder that God is always with us.

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Christ Over All


This meaningful prayer was originally ascribed to Saint Patrick. All video footage is from Ireland. This prayer asks for God to protect us, instruct us, and direct us. Christ is our shield, our strength, and our wisdom. Amen.

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New Day, Same God


This upbeat service opener will welcome guests and remind your church that each day means new opportunities, new blessings, and new mercies every morning. In a time where there is so much new, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

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