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Memorial Day Prayer


This meaningful video is a prayer of gratitude for those who served our country with the ultimate sacrifice of their life. We thank God for their remarkable courage, undeniable strength, and incredible resolve. We ask God to comfort their loved ones who bear the void with pride. Lord, help us to carry on their legacy of bravery, from this day forward. Amen.

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We Are The Church


This inspiring video reminds viewers that we are the Church, the imperfect people of God. Individually, you have a purpose; there are some prayers only you can pray, some words only you can speak. But together, we are the body of Christ, the Church.

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When somebody hurts you…what do you do? This powerful video considers the cost of forgiveness and the power of Jesus that makes it possible for us to forgive.

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The Bible


This encouraging video reminds viewers that the Bible is God's word, the truth we cling to and the wisdom we live by, our daily reminder that Jesus lived, died, and rose again. It is worth our discipline, attention, focus, obedience, and devotion because God has spoken.

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“There are many powerful ways to creatively tell a story. You can tell stories verbally or visually through writing, art, or cinema. Rype has found a way to excel at all of these and we, among many others, have greatly benefited from their work. If you have a story you want to tell or vision you want to cast, Rype should be your #1 option.”

Ambassador Church, Milwaukee WI

Jarryd Cole, Lead Pastor

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“As a busy worship pastor with a variety of responsibilities, I love how easy it is to add impact to our worship gatherings with Rype videos. Whether it is for a specific holiday or a specific topic, I know I’ll always get beautifully made and biblically true videos for use in a variety of seasons.”

Cornerstone Church of Ames IA

Jacob Boyd, Worship Director

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“Videos are a powerful storytelling tool that can help to inspire and teach the gathered church. Rype does a great job of providing well-crafted, beautiful video content to support the church and its mission.”

Veritas Church

James Pusey, Worship Director

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