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Father's Day Prayer

1:44 min


This meaningful video leads through a prayer for fathers, grandfathers, and father figures alike, asking God to bless them, to give them wisdom, patience, courage, and kindness, as well as asking for comfort for the fatherless or for those who have brokenness with their father, concluding with a bold request to empower our fathers for their holy purpose.

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This meaningful video is a simple summary of just some of the beautiful aspects of fatherhood. Love. Wisdom. Strength. Integrity. Availability. Generosity. Courage. Among many other things, we honor all that fatherhood is and can be.

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This meaningful Father’s Day video tells a story through video footage of dads raising their children from infancy to adulthood. The heart of a father is a masterpiece of nature.

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This meaningful video talks about the attributes of a godly father: courage, kindness, strength, gentleness, fortitude, and tenderness. Being a father is a high and holy calling. It is not only a blessing but also a stewardship. Fatherhood is a precious opportunity and a divine responsibility, because it is one of the many ways that God watches over all of us.

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This meaningful video honors our dads on Father’s Day. For all the tears, years, wisdom, and memories. Our greatest teachers, our favorite heroes, our biggest fans… our dads.

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This Father’s Day, we want to help celebrate and honor fathers everywhere, for all the different roles they have played in our lives.

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